Amibon Videos
Below you can watch the videos we have made/and will continue to make, to give you a very detailed impression of this "Princess of the Seas"!

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Storing Dinghi#1 on deck for cruising

Watch how easy it is to hoist & store (as well as in reverse to launch) one of the two main dinghies of SV "Amibon".

Nothing is "dangling outboard" while under way, everything is safely stored and secured on deck which the tremendous deck-space of "Amibon" lends itself to.

Storing Dinghi#2 on deck for cruising

This video we have created to give you an impression of not only Dinghi #2 of SV "Amibon" (a Zodiac 340 with a Yamaha 30 HP Outboard) but also of the special cargo-crane we have designed and built ourselves to hoist provisions an/or any other heavy stuff on board but also to lift the Zodiac onto it's brackets amidship for cruising.

For short trips we can still trail the dinghi behind the yacht keeping the extremely comfortable and private midship-table free for use as a table and central gathering point for everybody on board.

Storage available under the midship-benches

Details about the storage capacity under the seat-benches flanking the midship - table of Sailing Vessel "AMIBON".

We store various ends of rope as well as scuba-equipment, covers and spare-parts in these lockable boxes which are centrally located giving easy access to this gear when ever needed.

Plus: These benches actually are flanking the mid-ship table which, protected by new sun - awnings, seat 12 persons in great comfort and lots of privacy especially when docked "stern to".

On Deck of "Amibon"

Now you can walk the decks of "Amibon" and take a close look at many of the amazing details this "Princess of the Seas" is featuring and offering.
Everything possibly needed is there and available - yet the sheer length and beam of the yacht (100' LOA with 20' beam) still offer plenty of uncluttered deck-space.

We hope this little video will give you a good impression of the situation on deck, while we will be making further videos to also show you around below decks, and the many other features "AMIBON" has to offer.

"AMIBON" is a true "go anywhere - any time" blue blooded Sailing Ship and not just another fragile yacht!

How to Best Clean a Teak-Deck

While the greying of teak is not only natural but the fantastic way of teak actually protecting itself, all the dirt from the cities, in the air, coming down with the rain etc. does make the occasional cleaning of a yacht's Teak Deck a necessity.

There are plenty of companies and products claiming to work miracles for your dirty teak deck while the truth is that all of these products - once applied - either enslave you for all time to come (you just have to keep using them!) and/or are pure poison for the actually fantastic quality of Teak.
What all these companies for obvious reasons wont tell you is, that the very best "cleaning detergent" to bring new life to your dirty Teak Deck simply is Salt Water!

A fantastic video showing the heavy weather capabilities of this hull shape