Built by Nikolai Shipyard Ukraine to Llyods 100 A1 and even so the documentation to this has been lost, the quality of construction shows absolutely everywhere.
Built as a Modern Classic to the plans of a Custom Schooner drawn and built by John Alden in 1931. The Original had been built by Great Lakes Boat Building Corporation for Mr. Sterling Morton of Chicago. The construction of the steel hull has been kept as close as possible to the original design and specifications.
The original vessel built in 1931 once raced against "America" and won!
Steel Hull with steel frames and stringers of exceptional strength. (S-framed hull)
Steel Superstructure with massive oak panelling under teak-marineply.
Stainless Steel Portholes in Superstructure
Steel Portholes in Hull

Maintenance History:

The vessel has been owned by some well known personalities who had little opportunity to actually enjoy this head turning beauty.
She never the less received a "back to new" (or even better than new) refit during 2005/2006 whilst which a teak deck was added further reflecting the extraordinary quality this yacht can pride herself with.
Following some years of neglect by the next owner she eventually did receive another major refit between fall 2010 and fall 2011 during which she once again was brought back to former glory and not one piece of equipment had been left out from servicing or replacing.
Today, as of November 2011 she shows in almost immaculate perfection and is ready to take someone to any corner of this world, pretty much at any time.

Charter History:

None! The boat has always been for owners private use only, But considering the exceptional space would make for a great charter vessel as well.

This picture do not show the actual boat but her "ancestor" from 1931!

Photo courtesy of ALDEN DESIGN & NHYD. LLC. // Naval Architects, Salem, MA./USA
Also featured in the book: "John G. Alden and his Yacht Designs" (p187-190)